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THE BREW HOUSE CHILI COOK OFF (April 13, 2pm drop-off, 3pm judging)

We found out in 2012 that we had a long standing tradition to uphold. About 30 years of chili cook offs had been held at the Brew House, so we wanted to update it but keep the idea.
So we added hand made bowls and increased the prize money. Lastly, we added bribes. Yes, bribes. Non-monetary bribes to the judge are essential to win.

So there are a couple ways to participate.

First way, you can make some chili. Bring your chili in a crock pot to the chili room by 3pm. Don't forget a bribe for the judges (there are three meat judges, two vegetarian), as the creativity and appropriateness of the bribe is a significant part of your score. You get a free hand thrown bowl and hopefully you win $200 for the meat winner or $100 for the vegetarian winner

The second way, pay $10 and get a handmade bowl to help yourself to chili! We make 100 bowls, so a few people have been known to buy extra bowls!

The third option is to judge! We need 3 meat judges, two vegetarian judges every year. To qualify, you should be able to handle a lot of spices and probably need to be able to eat a massive quantity of food. Tolerance for beans is a must.

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